Special Feature

Carmen Amaya, la reina del embrujo gitano

DVD. 'Carmen Amaya. La reina del embrujo gitano'
CD. 'Carmen Amaya. La reina del embrujo gitano'
BOOK. 'El mar me enseñó a bailar'
Frame gallery from DVD 'Carmen Amaya. La reina del embrujo gitano'

Special Feature
Carmen Amaya. Queen of the gypsies (from Paco Sevilla´s book). The life and legend of Carmen Amaya. Excerpt from the book “Carmen Amaya, Queen of the Gypsies”.
First Part: Sabicas
Second Part: Sabicas, Ramón Montoya, El Niño de Huelva
Third Part: Manuel Torre
Forth Part: The Begining


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The memory of Carmen Amaya is rekindled with a special pack with two records, a DVD and a book
Cristina Hoyos heads the bill at the fourth California Flamenco Arts Festival
Antonio Canales's musings: Carmen Amaya, supreme beauty

Special Feature
Carmen Amaya, 1963.
Colita, Julio Ubiña and Hidalgo...
Review of the book
Her Dancing
Her Image
The Farewell

Special Feature
Carmen Amaya. Los Tarantos
'Los Tarantos' frame gallery

  Carmen Amaya, 'La Reina del embrujo gitano. 2 CDs, DVD & Book'

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  Carmen Amaya, 'Los Tarantos

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CD. Carmen Amaya, 'Grabaciones discos pizarra. 1948 - 1950'

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Carmen Amaya
Biography, discography, audio and readers' comments

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