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“I want my third album to sound like a well-recorded live show”


Arcángel, flamenco cantaor. Interview

“I need to explore other paths;
I get bored always singing the same thing”

Silvia Calado. Madrid, December 2005
Translation: Joseph Kopec

Arcángel is now ruling over his third album. He doesn't want to stray from the line of his previous albums, but the production by Isidro Muñoz will inevitably give it “a substantial change”. Self-critical and a perfectionist, the Huelva-born cantaor is working day by day to “pass what you have in your head to your instrument” as faithfully as possible. And that's why all his performances are a challenge with himself... and a unique experience. Joining the live shows and recording is a new project: a show which will premiere at Seville's next Bienal. It will be dedicated to a cante figure... but he doesn't want to spill the beans. Any bets?

Arcángel (Photo: Daniel Muñoz)

What projects does Arcángel currently have on the agenda?

I'm trying to get my third album ready, mainly. And besides the concerts, I've also started to prepare a show I'm going to premiere at Bienal de Sevilla 2006, which I can't give you the scoop on at all.

What stage of preparing the album are you at?

Right now we're choosing the songs and defining the general concept the record's going to have. I want to go to the studio in April and May, with the idea of having it out on the market at the end of the year.

Does it go along the lines of the two previous ones, ‘Arcángel’ and ‘La calle perdía’?

My line is always going to be in relation to what I've done previously. As there's a change in production, since this time it's going to be taken care of by Isidro Muñoz, I guess there'll be a substantial change.
Besides, Isidro Muñoz is a producer with a very pronounced trademark...

As he has a trademark so much his own, I hope you can tell the difference, but without getting away from the line I like myself.

What draws you about the way Isidro Muñoz works?

Above all, the peculiarity. And his perseverance and his involvement, since I know that when he gets into a project, he gets fully involved and takes it very seriously. Of course, I'm also drawn by his genius as a composer.

Arcángel (Photo: Daniel Muñoz)

Have you two already decided what guitars you'll have on the album?

I'm in favor of there being at least a couple of guitars. I think it gives a record the necessary variety. But besides that, I want it to be an album which is very faithful live. So my idea is to be able to have musicians who I can later sing with live. I want my third album to sound like a well-recorded live show.

“I want my third album to sound like a well-recorded live show”

It's eye-catching that in flamenco live premieres of new albums don’t have to necesarily include the compositions of the new album...

That's something we flamenco artists should improve. We do usually take the presentation seriously, but then... I always try and pick back up little things off my albums, albeit touches. It's also true that in flamenco you're obliged by the places. If you go to a festival, the most fitting thing is to do a classic repertoire. Then when you face a solo performance, you can choose a broader range and do what you want. That's not very frequent, unfortunately.


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