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Interview with Ojos de Brujo

"Our music is possible
because we are possible"

Silvia Calado Olivo. Madrid, November 2002

Like cartwheels, roads, streets, neighborhoods, suburbs, factories, magic, everyday things, yesterday, today and flamenco, but porous flamenco, of that musically polyglot kind that refuses to deny influences... Ojos de Brujo smells and tastes like all of that. The group, as much from Barcelona as it is universal, opts to let itself go with the flow as a comprehensive philosophy in creative processes which flow in the opposite direction to what is usual: from live shows, the band's usual medium, to records. With no room for mercenaries, this caravan of flamenquillos renews here and there new characters made of modeling clay which extend the diversity of the nuances of its music, activating and reactivating the curiosity and restlessness for other points of view. Ojos de Brujo, which seeks help in the natural and the supernatural so that the group may take better directions, challenges orthodoxy with a conciliatory mood, native ease and respect.

Ojos de Brujo

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