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Flamenco Festival
Jerez 2000

V Festival de Jerez
27th February - 11th March. 2001
Ayuntamiento de Jerez

Sara Baras (Photo by Jacinta Delgado)

The Festival of Jerez offers an immense variety of the richest and most significant art form that the city has to offer: Flamenco. The festival focuses its attention on dance (flamenco dance and Spanish dance) setting it apart from other events of its kind throughout the world.

The Festival makes a decided effort to incorporate the creative evolution of flamenco, through the development of its expressive forms and the modernization -from a traditional base- of its languages. The Festival encourages the meeting of different art forms, supporting the creative activity of those determined to find new aesthetic expressions for the flamenco of the twenty-first century.

The Festival doesn't only provide performances, but also formative programs, providing a place for creativity and the meeting of different art forms.

Lastly, the Festival of Jerez calls attention to the city of Jerez as a "scenic backdrop" for the festival, with performances throughout the city in theatres such as the Villamarta, along with a variety of public spaces and unique buildings.

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