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Moderate finale

Carlos Sánchez. Seville, April 17th, 2007

Flamenco Viene del Sur 2007. Brief and varied

‘Arcángel’. Cante: Arcángel. Guitar: Miguel Ángel Cortés, Daniel Méndez. Percussion: Chico Fargas, Rubén Vargas. Choruses: Antonio and Lolo. Flamenco Viene del Sur 2007. Teatro Central. Seville, April 17th, 2007. 9 p.m.


Arcángel (Photo: Daniel Muñoz)

The Teatro Central was jam-packed to welcome cantaor Arcángel. Many were anxiously expecting the presentation of his latest album, ‘Ropavieja’. But that’s not the way it was, since the Huelva-born artist just performed certain bits off his new album which were blended into the usual repertoire he’s been doing for quite some time now. And the thing is that unfortunately the market laws rule here. So you’ll have to wait for another occasion to see that latest work, which according to the star himself “is intended for the live show”. He presented the novelties in his group, since he’s included a percussionist, Rubén Vargas and two young chorus singers from his native land, Antonio and Lolo - who became qualified in the always complicated Sevillian venue -. And the thing is that the evening in the capital of Seville was oozing with art all over. There were many bullfight fans who after the fight at the La Maestranza Bullring, went to the fourth venue in Seville to enjoy the jondo. Bulls and flamenco, two cultures tremendously deep-rooted.

Introduction. Everyone with today’s attire. In jeans and black shirts. Contemporary style. Just like Arcángel’s cante, fresh and musicalized, with reminiscences of the past. The Huelva-born artist starts off towards the fickle, then straightening out the melodic arch. His voice warms up in the tangos to go on to release it and test it in the caña. Prologue to a journey towards the East. Seconded with the sublime guitars of Miguel Ángel Cortés and Daniel Méndez. The former accompanied the Huelva-born artist through mine fields and por soleá, sketching out the sense of the falsetas. Meanwhile Arcángel uses his register and delves into the seguiriya with Daniel Méndez’s musicality. Not in vain has this seguiriya earned the young guitarist from Morón de la Frontera the recognition of specialized critics, and of artists like Paco de Lucía, who has called him up to take part in his upcoming tour. A real prize for a guitarist who is shaping up by leaps and bounds.

The symbiosis reaches harmony between the cante and the guitar. The empathy between the guitars is obvious. And the performance knocks things up a notch. Till it reaches time for the bulerías. Antepenultimate cante. Since the aces of the repertoire would come at the end. Por alegrías and fandangos, with a vibrant, resolute Arcángel, distinguishing his qualities with the consistency which has boosted him to the top of today’s cante. With discourse which was moderate, alive, complaisant and distinguishing. The crowd got on their feet to bid him farewell. Seville smells like a party …

Flamenco Viene del Sur 2007. Brief and varied

C.S. Seville, April 17th, 2007

José Mercé
(Photo: Daniel Muñoz)

Cante has been the great star of a new edition of the Flamenco Viene del Sur Series at Seville’s Teatro Central. Cantaor José Mercé was in charge of kicking things off back in the month of January. Since then baile, toque and cante have been done up over nine days of performances which concluded on the night of April 17th with the show by Huelva-born cantaor Arcángel. Appearing at the always respectful Teatro Central were artists of the likes of Antonio Canales, El Pele, Pepa Montes, Gerardo Núñez and Pitingo, among others. Mercé came to sing straight flamenco. Canales passed fleetingly, giving a greater role to the bailaores who accompanied him. Rancapino, May Fernández and El Junco showed the yesterday and today of Cádiz’s flamenco. It’s always a pleasure to see the lead bailaor of the Andalusia Flamenco Ballet emancipated. Seville and Jerez came together with the cante of Juan José Amador – who gave up accompanying baile - and Enrique Soto, and the intense guitar of Paco Cepero. Pitingo expressed a flamenco blended with soul, a different dialogue which caused split opinions. The ‘retrospective’ was provided by Gerardo Núñez, who delighted with his guitar, but suffered in the staging. Pepa Montes had to contend with the tribute to Chano Lobato – which coincided with the date and the time in the same city -. Córdoba was present with a unique Eduardo Serrano, and interesting Paco Serrano and a praiseworthy Pele. Arcángel sealed the season.

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Flamenco Viene del Sur 2007 holds its tenth edition in Seville, Granada and Málaga between January and May

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