Well then, marrow

Silvia Calado. Seville, September 11th, 2012
Translation: Joseph Kopec


'Tuétano'. Choreography, dance, artistic and stage direction: Andrés Marín. Guest artists: Concha Vargas (dance) and La Macanita (cante). Electric guitar: Raúl Cantizano. Percussion: Luis Tabuenca. Literary assistance: Jean-François Carcelén. Poems: Antonin Artaud. Lighting design: Laurent Benard. XVII Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2012. Teatro Lope de Vega (Seville), September 11th, 2012. 8:30 pm

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Andrés Marín, 'Tuétano' (Photo Daniel Muñoz)

"To exist, letting oneself be is enough, but to live, you have to be someone, to be someone, you have to have a bone, not be afraid to show the bone and make the meat on the side”. Andrés Marín recites Antonin Artaud’s verses inside a cage of microphones. He always went around taking off layers of skin and letting us see further and further inside his concerns. But this time he got as far as he wanted to: not just to the bone, but to the marrow. And that’s a proposition which goes beyond the risky, verging on the kamikaze. But he knows it and takes it on and doesn’t mind and faces it and, moreover, shows us what an artist’s courage is on stage.

'Tuétano' is a strange universe made of difficult decisions. The first one that strikes you both visually and auditorily is in the music. It isn’t about there being an electric guitar, but the electric guitar being the only instrument. And he has a spectacular cantaora, La Macanita, but he only draws the drops from her that he considers necessary for his script: the Gerineldo romance, the seguiriya, the bulería. He goes further with what he gets from Concha Vargas. Her touch of abrupt baile isn’t enough for him; rather, he turns her into a character wearing leather who crawls, who pulls on her black hair, who presses down on the earth with her hands, who lets it fall on her body... Then, she can start dancing.

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Andrés Marín and Raúl Cantizano
(Photo Daniel Muñoz)

And if her dance is an impetuous, well-rounded detail, that of Andrés Marín is a real tale of a pointed message, with a sharp side. Sometimes, he lets it be seen as if his figure were just a trace of ink, a thin silhouette. Other times, he does it without his face; just with his torso. Perhaps his cheek turns into stone and his fingers into metal. And maybe his feet end up remaining still, going on once again to break the silence with soliloquies which go beyond the percussion. Everything tends to transcend in this circle of dirt in which the hens cluck (you could say, to the beat), while in the half-light the bailaor turns around and sings Dámaso Alonso’s 'Vida'. Earth and bone.

Rocío Márquez
Espacio Santa Clara (Dormitorio Alto), 7:00 pm

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Rocío Márquez and Manuel Herrera (Photo Daniel Muñoz)

Rocío Márquez premiered the Dormitorio Alto of the former Convento de Santa Clara as a stage for cante without microphones. The Huelva-born cantaora offered a simple recital of classics performed with her mixed voice, between a canary and a fountain. At her side, she had guitarist Manuel Herrera backing her in her very sweet performance of malagueñas, guajiras, tangos, cañas, seguiriyas... which pointed out some of the contents of her album 'Claridad', which she will present complete on September 27th, closing the Las Noches de la Bienal Series at the Teatro Quintero.

Interview with Rocío Márquez, cantaora

Jesús Méndez, 'Añoranza'
Espacio Santa Clara (Claustro), 11:00 pm

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Jesús Méndez (Photo Daniel Muñoz)

Cante came back at the Santa Clara's cloister. Jesús Méndez offered a classical recital to premiere his second album, entitled 'Añoranza'. The Jerez-born singer was accompanied by guitarist Diego del Morao, piano and a hand-clappers trio that added the Jerez's unique flavour.

Interview with Jesús Méndez, flamenco cantaor

And tomorrow...

• Hermanos Iglesias. Espacio Santa Clara, 7:00 pm
• Úrsula López, 'La otra piel'. Teatro Central, 8:00 pm
• 'Camarón 20 años'. Auditorio Fibes, 10:00 pm

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Diego Carrasco participates in 'Camarón 20 años' (Photo Daniel Muñoz)

Special feature: 'Camarón 20 años'

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