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Silvia Calado. Amsterdam, January 30th, 2011

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'Orate'. Diego del Morao: guitar, music. Jesús Méndez: cante. Bernardo Parrilla: violin. Ignacio Cintado: bass. Luis Carrasco: box drum. Perico Navarro: percussion. 3rd Dutch Flamenco Biennial. Bimhuis. Amsterdam, January 30th, 2011. 8:30 p.m.

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Diego del Morao (Photo Daniel Muñoz)

Well then, as we’d said in the previous review, flamenco is endless. And scarcely three hours after the closing gala which united flamenco and contemporary classical music, there was still more to listen to at the Bimhuis. The venue’s program had announced Moraíto in concert but, following doctor’s orders, it was impossible for him to travel to Amsterdam these days. And since he had a replacement at home, he sent in his name his son Diego del Morao – who, moreover, is premiering his début album 'Orate' -, sure that he “would come out with flying colors”. He told the audience so himself over the phone just before the concert began. “And what are you going to start off with?”, he asked from Jerez.

And Diego began with a rondeña, a style which allowed him to sketch with fantasy and, little by little, to rely on his weapon: rhythm. Not only do his Jerez roots and his inheritance from his father converge in his way of playing, but also the great reference of his generation, Paco de Lucía, who he has been second guitar for over the last few seasons and, therefore, who he has learned from, not through recordings, but first-hand. He focused straight on Jerez in the medium tempo of the soleá. And then in the seguiriya 'Pago de la serrana', whose severity he softened with a nearly song-style circular motif acting as an introduction and ending. Besides as a soloist, he also wanted to measure up as an accompanist, a skill which those bearing his surname pride themselves on. The cantaor was Jesús Méndez, another of flamenco’s young talents who, like he himself, already left Jerez for the world some time ago. And then the solo voice of this old boy acted as a hinge in the middle of the concert, seeking old-time sound in a fragment of the romance by Bernardo el Carpio, which he finished off with a pregón de Macandé.

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Jesús Méndez and Diego del Morao (Photo Daniel Muñoz)

Back to the center of the stage, always with the city lights and the coming and going of trains as the backdrop, the guitarist used his unmistakable swing to perform another of the bulerías on the album. With bass and Parrilla’s unmistakable violin, in a piece por tangos, studded with circles and virtuoso 'soleos', he brought his discourse closer to another of the maestros: Tomatito. Manners which, following a piece which was one hundred percent Moraíto, he also applied por bulerías. But he insisted that the star of the night was his father, even though he was thousands of kilometers away. And he took the emblematic score 'Rocayisa' from him. And as he did with Moraíto in the past Bienal de Sevilla in 'Jerez, la uva y el cante', coming out to dance it for him was Joaquín Grilo, a spectacular bailaor who has already left the flamencos from Flanders gaping several times over the past few days. And his arrival gave an extra breath of fresh air to Diego del Morao, who finished off with some blazing bulerías, with a desire to live, add life and leave energy in these lands so that the crew of the Dutch Flamenco Biennial starts to work on the next edition. And, as we know for a fact, it is already doing so.

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