19th Festival Flamenco Caja Madrid 2011
(In memory of Enrique Morente)
Teatro Circo Price. Madrid, from 8th to 12th February 2011

Index of reviews

Tomatito / Marina Heredia

February 12th

Review, photos and videos

Carmen Linares

February 10th

Review, photos and video

Valderrama / Paco del Pozo / El Güito

February 9th

Review, photos

Miguel Poveda

February 8th

Review, photos

Further information

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2011 Caja Madrid Flamenco Festival presents a bill which is “complete, varied and different from the previous ones”

Caja Madrid Flamenco Festival 2011 warms up at La Casa Encendida

Flamenco returns to the Price Circus through the 2010 Caja Madrid Flamenco Festival

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CD. Marina Heredia, 'Marina'

More information, audio, orders
CD. Miguel Poveda, 'Zaguán'

More information, audio, orders
CD. Carmen Linares, 'Raíces y alas'

More information, audio, orders
CD. Tomatito, 'Anthology 1998-2008' (2 CD)

More information, audio, orders



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