Filigrana Castanets
18 different models. The highest quality handmade castanets. Professional models.

Text: Manuel Vela "Filigrana"

Of the seven sound that the castanets can make we're just going to choose three: TA-RRI-PI and another called"posticeo" (pic.4) that makes the sound PAM.

Box A: position the castanets on the thumbs.

Box B: : Rhythm of sound combinations.
Sound PI - Click with the right hand.
Sound TA - Click with the left hand.
Sound RRI - when the fingertips of the right hand brush acoss the right castanet.

  Playing Sevillanas

Al the start of this style of dance, you have to play an introduction sequence:

First, play the compás once through following the sequence TA-RRRI-TA-BAM-BAM (illustrations 1 to 5) and afterwards one incomplete compás, following the sequence TA-RRRI-TA-PI-TA (illustrations 6 to 10).

After that the classical sequence follows in repeated cycles: RRI-TA-RRI-TA-PI-TA-RRI-TA-RRI-TA-PI-TA (illustrations 11 to 16), followed by the same sequence once again.

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