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To say Diego Carrasco is to say compás. Nobody knows better than this Jerez-born artist how to play and create upon flamenco’s different heartbeats. That’s how he has managed to make his own way and a new one for the genre. He stopped being guitarist Tate de Jerez in order to raise his voice and his ingenuity with his first solo album: ‘Tomaketoma’. Coming next would be ‘Cantes y sueños’, ‘A tiempo’, ‘Voz de referencia’, ‘Inquilino del mundo’… and quite a few collaborations, productions and scores for flamencos of his time, among them, Camarón. Playing with the rhythm, with deep poetry, with children’s songs, with the songs of others, with age-old cantes, with daily tales, with guitars and friendly voices… mark his recorded repertoire, highlighted by now emblematic songs such as ‘Nana de colores’, ‘Alahéa’ and ‘Mi momá’. Diego Carrasco’s discography, personal and untransferable, is the connecting link between flamenco’s past and future.

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Mi ADN flamenco 2004
Like the double genetic helix, 'Mi ADN flamenco' gathers all the information about Diego Carrasco, the artist and the person. This disc "is the flesh of my flesh, reflecting real experience, which involves having made 'Inquilino del mundo' beforehand. And to that end, the songs I like most are included and recovered". Nine retaken scores, versions and songs coexist on this album which cries out for 'Libertad' (‘Freedom’), greets Dolly and pays tribute to Camarón, with the ease of someone working at home... and with friends.

Nuevos Medios Colección 2002
Record company Nuevos Medios, the home of new flamenco, celebrated its twentieth anniversary with a collection of twenty compilations of the main musicians in its catalogue. And a volume couldn’t be missing amidst them focusing on Diego Carrasco’s discography. ‘Nuevos Medios Colección. Diego Carrasco’ is a selection of eleven songs among the most representative ones in the career of the Jerez-born ‘rara avis’ flamenco: from ‘Mi momá’ to ‘Nana de colores’, with ‘Voz de referencia’ and ‘Cinco toreros’ in between.

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Inquilino del mundo 2000
On ‘Inquilino del mundo’, Diego Carrasco “continues delving into flamenco’s basic heartbeat”. The album takes a step further in the Jerez-born musician’s search for flamenco’s fundamental rhythms and tradition, but as some critics have pointed out, nearly inventing a genre of his own. Words are important here; tales are told like those of ‘Inquilino del mundo’, ‘Yo, marinero’ and ‘Latero’, poetry is sung in ‘Me gusta cuando callas’ and ‘Poeta de Cai’, and the periodic table is even explained in ‘Química’.

Voz de referencia 1993
Bursting with creativity and without leaving the canons of traditional flamenco, he composed ‘Voz de referencia’, a historic album in the gestation of the genre’s renewing current. The songs contained on this disc, including the collaborations of musicians such as Moraíto and Remedios Amaya, are genuine gems which the multifaceted artist - guitarist, cantaor, composer, producer - never forgets to perform in each and every one of his live concerts. Standing out are ‘Nana de colores’, ‘Mi momá’ and ‘Cinco toreros’.

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A tiempo 1991
On his third album, Diego Carrasco confirms the road begun with ‘Tomaketoma’ and ‘Cantes y sueños’. The disc includes two brilliant songs based on poetry: ‘La canción del mariquita’ by Lorca and ‘Silbo de la llaga perfecta’ by Miguel Hernández. There’s also one of the songs choreographed by Mario Maya which is now a part of his legacy, ‘Oliva y naranja’. In addition, there is the praise sung to Fernanda de Utrera, the resounding bulería ‘Peña el Bollo’ and the curious musical experiment which is ‘Flamenco barroco’.

Tomaketoma 1984 + Cantes y sueños 1987
After forging a career as an accompanying guitarist with the name Tate de Jerez, Diego Carrasco took up a new road. On his first two albums (re-released together in 2003), ‘Tomaketoma’ and ‘Cantes y sueños’, he captured that restlessness, which brought out his facet as a composer, producer and flamenco renovator, but without ever losing his roots. Songs such as ‘Alahéa’, ‘Olina, ‘Cae la tarde’ and ‘Latraji’ came out in these recordings, including the participation of musicians of the likes of Cañizares, Moraíto, Manuel Soler and Benavent, among others.


Flamencos del siglo XXI DVD 2004
Diego Carrasco, Jorge Pardo, Tino di Geraldo, Carles Benavent and Dorantes live in a concert recorded at the world music festival Etnosur 2004. Each of them makes his proposal and merges in the transitions as well as in the finale of this unique concert by maestros of the most heterodox flamenco.

Territorio flamenco 2003
With production by Isidro Muñoz, this flamenco vision for timeless classics was conceived. And Diego Carrasco had to take ‘Hello, Dolly!’ to his ground, a song which he later included on his album ‘ADN flamenco’.

Los jóvenes flamencos 2000
The compilations ‘Los jóvenes flamencos’, genuine sound guides to ‘new flamenco’, resorted to Diego Carrasco’s music in nearly all of its installments. ‘Fernanda’ was in the fourth volume, ‘Peña El Bollo’ was in the sixth, and in the seventh, ‘Poeta de Cai’.

‘Flamenco’ de Carlos Saura DVD 1995
One of the liveliest scenes in Carlos Saura’s ‘Flamenco’ is the one starring Manolo Sanlúcar and Diego Carrasco to the sound of the alegrías ‘La Puerta del Príncipe’, together with Juan Carlos Romero, Las Peligro and Tino di Geraldo.

Rito y geografía del toque. Volumen 2 DVD 1979
The most faithful testimony of who guitarist Tate de Jerez was got filmed by TVE’s cameras in the series ‘Rito y geografía del cante’, with a 17-minute special feature recorded in 1979.


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Diego Carrasco, 'Mi ADN flamenco'

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CD. Diego Carrasco, 'Inquilino del mundo'

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CD. Diego Carrasco, 'Voz de referencia'

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