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Rocío Molina
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Rocío Molina pays tribute to historical female
figures of flamenco dancing in ‘Pasos contados’

The Málaga-born bailaora is directed by Pepa Gamboa in this premiere for Jerez 2007

S.C./, February 2007

After taking a stab at philosophy in ‘El eterno retorno’, Rocío Molina returns to simplicity in her show. At Festival de Jerez 2007, the Málaga-born bailaora premieres the show ‘Pasos contados’, which as she explains, “is really really traditional as far as baile goes”. Within the stage designed for her by Pepa Gamboa, she is going to do bailes such as seguiriyas, bamberas, garrotín, tanguillos and a taranto “in tribute to the great female baile figures, but from a distance”. The show will see the light on February 27th at the Teatro Villamarta.


Rocío Molina (Photo: Daniel Muñoz)

“The simple is currently the most innovative”. Rocío Molina shapes up her new show from this perspective. ‘Pasos contados’ pays tribute to traditional female baile, but as the artist explains, “it doesn’t try and imitate or pay tribute to such-and-such a figure, but to recover the ways in which the bailes had always been done, from a current viewpoint”. And she recalls Fernanda Romero and Carmen Amaya in the taranto; and Pilar López in the seguiriya: “Nowadays dancing is done really aggressively, but the prevailing image of this baile for decades was that of Pilar López with castanets and a bata de cola. I don’t aim to base myself on that model, but to remember it in a way”. Garrotín, bamberas and tanguillos complete this premiering repertoire, which appears at a time “when I just feel like dancing flamenco”.

In this project, the young artist from Málaga surrounds herself with a creative crew including stage director Pepa Gamboa, who introduces the dual concept of ‘relating’ in the show: “The steps here tell tales, but from the folk to the most apocalyptic ones”. And this role of storytelling is going to be undertaken by clappers Ana Romero and La Tacha, who “go along narrating, singing and saying tongue-twisters”. The group of artists is completed by guitarists Paco Cruz and Juan Requena, authors of the music, cantaores Antonio Campos and José Valencia and percussionist Sergio Martínez. Diego Carrasco is also likely to appear as guest artist.

Rocío Molina premieres ‘Pasos contados’ on February 27th at the Teatro Villamarta, within the program of the 11th Festival de Jerez. She already appeared on the main stage of this event in the previous edition with ‘El eterno retorno’; and in that of 2005, with a baile performance at the Sala Compañía. At the same time as her own projects, the bailaora collaborates with other artists such as Miguel Poveda; she provided a touch of baile for his show ‘Tierra de calma’ at the 2007 Caja Madrid Festival.

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