The premiere of ‘¡Viva Jerez!’, a show about Jerez flamenco, will inaugurate Festival de Jerez 2008

María el Mar Moreno, Mercedes Ruiz and Fernando Terremoto star in the show, which is to be performed on February 22nd at the Teatro Villamarta

S.C., January 2008

Jerez pays tribute to flamenco dancing and Spanish dance in its festival. The twelfth edition will open at the Teatro Villamarta on February 22nd, 2008 with the premiere of ‘¡Viva Jerez!’. The show, which aims to display the variety and vitality of the flamenco from this land, has bailaoras María del Mar Moreno and Mercedes Ruiz as well as cantaor Fernando Terremoto as guest artists. Also figuring on the bill, besides many other artists performing live, are Paco Cepero as musical coordinator and Javier Latorre as choreographic coordinator.

Mercedes Ruiz (Photo Daniel Muñoz)

‘¡Viva Jerez!’ starts off with the premise that the compás born in this land is the heartbeat of flamenco: “Its heartbeat, soniquete, marks the original, inimitable rhythm of Andalusia’s most genuine artistic creation”. And therefore, more than about nostalgia, it is a show vindicating vitality, evolution. Francisco López, director of the festival and of this show produced by the Teatro Villamarta itself, explains that “there’s no museum, or ancient flamenco; but there is a plural display of Jerez flamenco through today’s artists”.

And out of questions of “quality and diversity”, a bill has been selected headed up by María del Mar Moreno, Mercedes Ruiz and Fernando Terremoto as guest artists, plus the special collaboration of maestra Angelita Gómez. They are flanked by an abundant company including cantaores Antonio Malena and Londro, guitarists Santiago Lara, Santiago Moreno and Manuel Valencia, pianist José Zarzana, percussionist Pedro Navarro and clapper Luis de la Tota. Still further enticement is added by Mateo Soleá on cante, Miguel Téllez on baile, Pascual de Lorca on guitar... and Luisa Terremoto, Rosario, Juani Peña and La Bastiana. And the thing is that, as the director - who is also the director of this festival -, explains, “everyone, each in his own way, has that ‘Jerez flavor’ which distinguishes them so well and so much”.

Like an opera


Fernando Terremoto
(Photo Daniel Muñoz)

María del Mar Moreno explains that the artists “have to adapt ourselves to the show as if we were part of an opera”. And the thing is that no expense has been spared on means for the show. The work is guided by “a musical ‘score’ of cante, baile and toque” created by guitarist Paco Cepero as musical coordinator and Javier Latorre as choreographic coordinator. The stage design and wardrobe by Jesús Ruiz, lighting by Olga García and directing by López - imbued with extensive experience in the world of opera and dance - aim to create “a period show”. It is developed throughout seven scenes which show how Jerez flamenco has evolved, from work in the fields all the way to personal creation, but of course, with the typical fiesta por bulerías in between.




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