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A style which has its roots deep in Spanish folkloric tradition, and which thus precedes cante flamenco as we know it. According to some writers, this is the true source. Arabian, American, even Portuguese... there has been much speculation surrounding its origins. It has a 12-count marking compás, and is in straight 3/4 time. Spanish fandangos gradually acquired a more and more flamenco edge, drawing on different cantaores' individual contributions. This group covers all the variants to be found in Spain: verdiales and rondeñas malagueños (from Malaga); the fandango de Huelva; the granaína and media granaína; and the taranto, taranta and cartagenera from Almería (the so-called cantes de las minas). The fandango de Huelva, principally, gave rise to fandangos naturales, with a true 'jondo' flamenco flavor, and bearing the hallmarks of each individual cantaor. They've been hugely popular since the mid-19th century. The best-known varieties are those by Niño Gloria, Manuel Torre, José Cepero and Manolo Caracol, the first two using fandangos de Huelva, and the last two using the granaína and the malagueña respectively. Cantaores such as Manuel Vallejo, Pepe Marchena, Pepe Pinto, Fernanda de Utrera and Chocolate have made the fandango their trademark.

Compás pattern: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

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Agujetas: 'Fandangos naturales'

Sample verse:

Hay un tiempo pa’ nacer
Hay un tiempo pa’ vivir
Hay un tiempo pa’ querer
Mucho tiempo pa’ sufrir
Otro tiempo pa’ querer
Y to’ el tiempo pa’ morir
There's a time for being born
There's a time for living
There's a time for loving
A lot of time for suffering
More time for loving
And all the time in the world for dying

Guide to palos

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