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  Granaína / Media Granaína

Pepe Marchena


A flamenco style which originates in eastern Andalucía, belonging to the fandangos group, and with their origins in the Granada variant. One distinguishing feature of the granaína is that it is performed without a rhythmical framework, so its hallmarks lie in the melodical work and the guitar chords. The roots of this style owe much to Frasquito Yerbabuena, although its flamenco form was actually laid down by Antonio Chacón and Ramón Montoya who accompanied him on guitar, after a study of the cantes from Granada at the close of the 19th century. It also draws influences from the malagueña - in fact, José Cepero sang what he termed a “granaína malagueña”. It differs from the media granaína in the melody (which is almost invariable in both cases) and in the mood: the granaína is more restrained and the media granaína (with no cries of "ay" in the introduction) is bolder, more baroque. Manuel Vallejo, Juan Mojama, Manuel Centeno and Pepe Marchena, among others, are outstanding performers of both types of cante. As for dancing to this style, a superb example is to be found in the latest choreographic work by Eva Yerbabuena.

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Sabicas: 'Media granaína'

Sample verse:

Rosa, si yo te cogí
Fue porque no me dio gana
Al pie de un rosal dormí
Y rosas tuve por cama,
De cabecera un jazmín
Dear rose, if I didn't pluck you
It was because I had no desire to
I slept at the foot of a rose-bush
And I had roses for my bed
Jasmine for my headboard

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