Camaron de la Isla
  • Camarón de la Isla
  • (José Monje Cruz)
  • Cantaor

Born in San Fernando, Cádiz, in 1950.
He was the second of eight children.
He received the name "Camarón" because of his blond hair, "de la isla" ("the islander") for coming from San Fernando (Cádiz).

He began to sing in public at the age of eight years old.

"In my house everyone has sung and danced, even if they were not artists".

1969. First album by Camarón de la Isla, at the age of 18, accompanied by Paco de Lucía, 21 years old, on the guitar. Each step of this perfect couple generated passions even as deep in his detractors as in his followers.

"We lived outside the margins set by the rules of those flamencos". Paco de Lucía

Camarón, nicknamed El Príncipe de la Isla (The Prince of the Isle), the Mick Jagger from Cádiz... [continue...]

 el Mick Jagger gaditano...
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Camaron de la Isla Camaron de la Isla

He died in Badalona (Barcelona) on the 2nd of July of 1992 at the age of 41.

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