Joaquín Cortés: 'Mi soledad'
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Joaquín Cortés
returns before the Spanish audience with his latest show ‘Calé’
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Joaquín Cortés presents his new retrospective show ‘Calé’ in New York
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Joaquín Cortés splits up the agenda of
‘Mi soledad’ between Europe and Latin America

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Flamenco bailaor Joaquín Cortés goes back to touring the globe with a revitalized ‘Live’
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Joaquín Cortés shines at the Gitana Cortés Company
“The best Spanish dancers of the next few years will come from this company”
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Joaquín Cortés juggles both 'Live' and 'De amor y odio' on his 2004 international tour
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Photonew: Joaquín Cortés premieres 'El amor y el odio' in Italy
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Joaquín Cortés relaunches his company with thirty young bailaores
The bailaor from Cordoba extends his 'Live' tour to Europe and Asia

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Joaquín Cortés extends his 'Live' Tour
The bailaor will perform the show released on DVD in Spain and the United States

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Joaquín Cortés releases the show 'Live' on DVD
The show was recorded at London's Royal Albert Hall in June 2002

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Profile of Joaquín Cortés


“I think flamenco, like dance in general, is going through a rough patch, and there's a lack of quality around”
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"In classical ballet they still dance with a nude torso. Why not in flamenco?"
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"I am anti-critic, one shouldn't dance for the critics but for the people and for oneself"
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Pasión Gitana:
A dazzling explosion of flamenco music and dance
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Soul is a show with a universal outlook, or soul, open to the influence of other kinds of music
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Joaquín Cortés has conceived the work as a journey through the forms of flamenco, presenting himself to the audience on his own, like a bullfighter facing the bull head-on
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  DVD. Joaquín Cortés, 'Live at The Royal Albert Hall' (DVD PAL)

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  CD. Joaquín Cortés, 'Gipsy Passion Band'

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