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Ole is an exclamation used to express enthusiasm at a flamenco performance. It serves to underline the important role the audience plays when flamenco is performed. Ole isn't just a cheer of encouragement; it's a deep expression of complicity among the artists themselves. Ole is also the name of an Andalusian dance from the eighth century, performed to the accompaniment of castanets.
Corinna, Italy

Ole is the shout, the affirmation, the primal communication of those witnessing the performer's art that what is being witnessed is very pleasing (whether it be toque, baile or cante). The term ole is theorized to have its roots in the Moorish title of Allah. So when we are yelling ole we are essentially on a spiritual level blessing the act itself.
O. Pescado Cavanaugh, United States

Ole: (Probably originally a cry to God, or Allah) An expression of approval and a sharing, a joining; a relating of special moments when watchers and listeners are in accord with the emotions of the performer. As totally unrehearsed and spontaneous in its utterance as is the moment when the soul of the artists is truly free of inhibition or restraint. In its simplest form it means...YES!
Jim Morris, England

Ole is an expression used to praise good guitar playing, singing or dancing. For a person who is really moved by flamenco, when they see a fine bailaor or listen to a guitarist or vocalist who thrills them, it isn't enough to give just applause, they need to say something that just bursts up from inside.
Amalia Megías López, Spain

Ole is the moment that fills a vocalist, guitarist or dancer with joy… it's then that they know they've reached people's hearts with their cante, toque or baile. An ole is a fundamental component in flamenco.
Jesús, Spain

Ole is an expression derived from Arab culture, without any clear definition, which is used to inspire and encourage flamenco artists.
Jorge Montero Ruiz, Spain

Ole is a spoken expression we use in Andalusia to rate something well done a success. Ole is, at the same time, a feeling that's transmitted in flamenco when someone has done a 'cante', 'baile' or 'toque' well.
Antonio J. de la Fuente Garcia, Spain

Ole is a 'jaleo' or shout of encouragement, which surges up from deep in your soul when the artist has made his or her declaration.
Grabiela, Mexico

"El ole es una palabra que no tiene explicación, el ole, primita mía, sale del corazón. El ole primito mío, no lo puedo remediar, por eso di conmigo ole,ole con ole y olá" (Ole is a word without explanation; ole, my young friend, comes from the heart. There's nothing I can do about ole, my friend, so say with me ole, ole and olá), as La Niña de los Peines sings 'por bulerías'.
Hioz, Spain

Ole is a show of enthusiasm and pleasure, a salute and a compliment offered to someone who is singing, playing or dancing. Ole is the flamenco way of praising perfection.
Aline Pavia, Brazil

Ole is the pent-up emotion which breaks free, fuelled by the passion of a soul which expresses itself in a wailing 'quejío' or in the vigor of their performance.
Ángel, Spain

Ole is the way to tell the artist that their playing, singing or dancing has made an impact on you and feels good.
Adri, Spain

Ole is the flamenco verbalization of the primitive scream which encapsulates all of human emotion. It can be interpreted as an incentive or as a victory. It's more unexpected than planned, and occupies a space that a thousand words could never fill.
Maristela Navas, Brazil

Ole is 'jaleo'. Admiration, participation... One of the many spontaneous expressions familiar to the flamenco arts (arsa, agua, eso es...). It rouses, it sets the mood. Essential for creating the right atmosphere between artist and audience.
Eric van Santen, Holland

Ole is the ultimate expression of pleasure when one is witnessing cante, baile or toque. And as La Niña de los Peines tells us 'por bulerías': "El ole es una palabra que no tiene explicación, el ole es una palabra que sale del corazón" (Ole is a word without explanation, ole is a word that comes from the heart.)
Francisco Javier Vázquez Ramos, Spain

Ole is a cry which surges up straight from the heart. It's a solemn and majestic word, flung at an artist in recognition of his latest act of virtuosity. It's what puts the spice into flamenco.
Felipe Pineda, Spain

Ole is verbal applause.
Rosario, Mexico City

Ole is an expression of admiration for the piece of music that has just been danced to, sung or played.
Benjamin, Belgium

Ole is the word that springs forth spontaneously when one identifies and feels the spirit of flamenco. It rewards, affirms and stimulates feelings.
Beatriz Contreras, United States

The word ole is used during dance, singing and guitar playing to express approval, encouraging the artists. The word is originally Arabic, invoking Allah.
Everdine de Vreede-Volkers, The Netherlands

Nowadays my personal 'jaleo' for anything that excites me.
Lisbeth, Belgium

Ole is a provocation to the feet and to the soul.
Catarina, Portugal

Ole is the materialization, in the form of a word, of that knot you feel in your stomach when you hear something truly flamenco.
Eva, Spain

Ole is passion put into three letters.
Maclovia, Mexico

Ole is a form of 'jaleo', it's like a dare.
Mariuchi, Argentina


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