Seville’s 2006 Bienal de Flamenco. U.S. photographer Gilles Larrain exhibits his flamenco work at Fundación Tres Culturas
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Gilles Larrain : "Flamenco: Landscape of it's Soul"

October 26, 2001-January 31, 2002
King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center
New York University. 53 Washington Square South. USA.
Opening October 26th at 6:00pm

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Gilles Larrain photographed John Lennon and Salvador Dalí. He has done record covers for Sting, Miles Davis and Billy Joel. A photographer of international prestige, he planned to visit Spain for a couple of weeks and ended up staying more than two months. Captivated by the flamenco aesthetic, Gilles has since become a great follower of this art, even taking up the guitar. His camera has captured the soul of flamenco in one of those rare artistic conjunctions where technical wisdom and experience become melded with the most difficult to express emotions.

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