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Federico García Lorca y La Argentinita:
"Colección de canciones populares españolas".
 La Argentinita
"La Argentinita"

Recordings from 1931.
Federico García Lorca played the piano and "La Argentinita" was the lead singer. Lorca studied piano in his youth and was a gifted musician, he used to play for his close friends and frequently used the piano to prepare stagings of his own plays. His attention was centered on popular art, and in his lectures on Spanish folk music, he would play the piano to illustrate the examples.

  Drawing by Federico Garcia Lorca (Detail) Drawing by Federico Garcia Lorca (Detail)
 Drawing by Federico Garcia Lorca (Detail)

 Drawing by Federico Garcia Lorca (Detail)  Drawing by Federico Garcia Lorca (Detail)

La Argentinita met Lorca soon after he arrived in Madrid in 1919. Shortly after, in March of 1920, La Argentinita, already a very successful and well known dancer, collaborated in Lorca's first theatrical debut: "El Maleficio de la mariposa".

Though the opening night was a complete fiasco, the collaboration created an unshakable friendship between these two artists.

Lorca arranged several popular Spanish songs for piano, and ten were recorded and released as records. Prior to these recordings, the two of them rehearsed in the home of Pilar Lopez, sister of La Argentinita, in the same living room where Lorca first premiered some of his new works for them.

In 1931 the records went on sale and were well received. The songs, which were all of traditional origin, attained an extraordinary popularity with this release.

The recordings were a great success with both the public and critics. Henceforth, La Argentinita performed these songs in most of her shows and this also contributed to their popularization.

This cd includes a 26 page brochure (in Spanish and English) with lyrics and texts about the poet, the singer and the historical era.

Zorongo gitano ( Gypsy Zorongo )

Tengo los ojos azules
tengo los ojos azules
y el corazoncito igual
que la cresta de la lumbre

De noche me salgo al patio
y me jarto de llorar
de ver que te quiero tanto
y tú no me quieres ná

Esta gitana está loca,
loca que la van a atar,
que lo que sueña de noche
quiere que sea verdad
My eyes are blue
My eyes are blue
and my heart is
just like the crest of a flame

At night I go out to the backyard
and weep my heart out
because I love you so much
and you don't love me at all

This gypsy woman is crazy,
mad as a hatter
Everything she dreams at night
she wants it to be real

D. M. - Lydia Nieto. 1997
Translation: Marie Jost, D.M.

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