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Narciso Yepes, the great master of spanish guitar dies in his hometown.

A short biography of Narciso Yepes:
Born in Lorca (Murcia). November 14, 1927.
He received his first guitar when he was only four years old.
Nine years later Yepes started his classical music studies at the Valencia Conservatory. He played with flamenco singers to improve his technique and sense of rhythm. Together with de Falla, he is regarded as the classical artist most connected with the flamenco world.

Narciso Yepes

1947. His performance of the Joaquín Rodrigo's Concierto de Aranjuez brings him renown and prestige from critics and public alike.

1948. He performs with great success in Geneva (Switzerland), and after that he has dozens of solo tours.

1952. Composes and plays the music for the film score of "Forbidden Games" directed by René Clement (this film was chosen as best film of the year at the Cannes festival).

1964. Narciso Yepes creates the ten string guitar. He always worked to recover unpublished old music scores and published more than six thousand of them.

1993. Narciso Yepes limits his public appearances due to illness. He gives his last concert in 1996, in Santander (Spain). 1996

Narciso Yepes (photo)

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