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Belén López
Biography and readers' comments


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Belén López revives the flamenco and Spanish dancing show ‘Atrapados por el arte’

Belén López revives the flamenco and Spanish dancing show ‘Atrapados por el arte’. On January 21st and 22nd, 2006 at the Teatro Madrid, the very young Catalan bailaora revived the show she made her début with last year in Tarragona. The work will have to mature, become more dynamic, gain in the professionalism of the dance corps and in coordination, but it must be taken into account that at the mere age of nineteen and with her own resources, she directs a company of twenty-some members. Deficiencies she covers up with her final baile, a solo through alegrías wearing trousers, Carmen Amaya-style, in which she proves to be a performer with experience, charisma, slyness and boundless virtuosity. With those ingredients, many of which are natural for the tablao, she managed to win the crowd over to her side. Besides her performances every night at the Madrilenian tablao El Corral de la Morería, this new artist can be seen in a small-scale show on Sunday, February 26th at the Teatro de Guadalcacín within Festival de Jerez 2006.
Text: S.C. / Photo: Daniel Muñoz.

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