Flamenco cantaor El Torta stars in Festival de Cante Grande Casabermeja 2010

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El Torta (Photo Daniel Muñoz)

Flamenco cantaor El Torta stars in Festival de Cante Grande Casabermeja 2010. Besides the personal Jerez-born artist, who will perform accompanied on toque by Manuel Moneo, the thirty-ninth program which the Málaga-area town devotes to the jondo art will also have a selection of young talents as stars. Cádiz-born cantaor Antonio Reyes with Antonio Higuero on guitar, Sevillian cantaora Laura Vital with Eduardo Rebollar on guitar as well as Málaga-born bailaora Luisa Palicio shape up a bill on which, moreover, festive Lebrija-born cantaora Mari Peña will be heard together with Antonio Moya on toque. The festival, organized by Casabermeja Town Hall in collaboration with the Torre Zambra Flamenco Peña, is to be held on the night of July 24th, 2010 beginning at 11 p.m. at the Polideportivo (Sports Center) Antonio Sánchez in Casabermeja (Málaga, Spain). This unique festival, declared of Provincial Tourist Interest, has hosted artists since its foundation in 1969 such as Camarón, José Menese and José Mercé, among others. Around a thousand people usually attend this event each summer which gathers both local enthusiasts and tourists visiting the Costa del Sol.

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El Torta
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