Antonio Gades Foundation releases ‘Carmen’,
‘Bodas de sangre’, ‘Fuenteovejuna’ and ‘Suite flamenca’ on DVD

The shows, performed by the company that is keeping alive the legacy of the choreographer and dancer, were recorded at the Teatro Real in Madrid last April, November 2011


Antonio Gades left it written down. “I wouldn’t like to die without being able to give what I know”. And the foundation which manages his legacy is satisfying that wish. The company that keeps his creations alive on the international stage circuit celebrated Gades Year last April, making a stop at the Teatro Real in Madrid. And those performances of ‘Carmen’, ‘Bodas de sangre’, ‘Fuenteovejuna’ and ‘Suite flamenca’ were recorded in high definition for their release under the new audiovisual label of the Madrilenian opera house. The three DVDs have also been published on Blu-ray and are accompanied by an extra documentary with subtitled interviews and a booklet with color photos and texts in Spanish, English, French and German. These releases are part of the program commemorating the 75th anniversary of the birth of Antonio Gades, with acts such as the exhibit ‘Vientos del pueblo me llevan’ by plastic artist Antoni Miró, workshops about ‘Fuenteovejuna’, tours around Spain and France, and the ‘Trilogía Gades’ at the Teatro Real, in addition to audiovisual and pedagogical projects.

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'Fuenteovejuna', by Antonio Gades


'Carmen', by Antonio Gades

‘Carmen’ is the dance-theater show which Antonio Gades conceived together with Carlos Saura, basing it on the novel by Prosper Mérimée. The foundation’s company, with artistic director Stella Arauzo, performed the show for this audiovisual - a real classic of flamenco dancing - for its recording in high definition last April at the Teatro Real in Madrid. The star is Madrilenian dancer Vanesa Vento - who was a member of the Joaquín Cortés Company - and the lead male stars accompanying her are Ángel Gil, Joaquín Mulero and Jairo Rodríguez. They are joined by a dance corps of nearly twenty dancers, plus cantaores and guitarists live. And they reinterpret the show throughout the 112 minutes of the DVD’s running time faithful to the original premiered at the Théâtre de Paris in 1983.


'Bodas de sangre & Suite flamenca', by Antonio Gades

‘Bodas de sangre’ and ‘Suite flamenca’ join together on a single DVD, also released on Blu-ray. The former is the version which Antonio Gades created of the popular play by Federico García Lorca, with an adaptation for ballet by Alfredo Mañas, and whose premiere took place at Rome’s Teatro Olimpico in 1974. The revival which the company has now left recorded from its stop at the Teatro Real in Madrid in April 2011 stars Cristina Carnero and Ángel Gil as the bride and groom, surrounded by the entire company as guests at the tragic wedding. ‘Bodas de sangre’, which Carlos Saura made a film of in 1981, today is considered “an inevitable point of reference for Spanish dance”. The show blurs the borders between dance and theater. ‘Suite flamenca’, however, eliminates the storyline to focus just on baile. Starting with the bailes which Gades began his solo career with around 1963, the seven numbers of traditional flamenco dancing were forged that make up the work, among them, a soleá por bulerías and some tanguillos choreographed by Cristina Hoyos. In this recording by the current company, the soloists are Stella Arauzo and Miguel Lara, who are joined by nine female dancers, seven male dancers, four cantaores and two guitarists.  


'Fuenteovejuna', by Antonio Gades

‘Fuenteovejuna’ is the version that Antonio Gades did of Lope de Vega’s play of the same name for its premiere at Genoa’s Teatro Carlo Felice in 1994. The ballet, which was his last creation, is about the uprising of a village against authority. Juan Manuel Caballero Bonald, the show’s co-scriptwriter, thinks that “the display of the theme and the general sense of Fuenteovejuna coincided very specifically with the artistic language and the civic conduct of Antonio Gades”. Folk dancing, whose mastery is taken care of by Juanjo Linares, has a place for itself in this revival now released on DVD and Blu-ray with Cristina Carnero, Ángel Gil, Joaquín Mulero and Alberto Ferrero in the lead roles, with a dance corps of nearly twenty dancers, as well as five cantaores and two guitarists live.

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DVD. Antonio Gades, 'Carmen'

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DVD. Antonio Gades, 'Fuenteovejuna'

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