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Montse Cortés
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Montse Cortés releases her second
solo album, ‘La rosa blanca’

The cantaora's album has been produced by Javier Limón

Flamenco-world.com, November 2004

Four years after her début album ‘Alabanza’, Montse Cortés releases ‘La rosa blanca’. The Catalan cantaora's second album has nine songs, above all, tangos and bulerías, produced by Javier Limón and with the participation of Arcángel and Farruquito as authors of two cuts. The artist thus puts the finishing touch on a brilliant season in which she has accompanied Paco de Lucía both on the album ‘Cositas buenas’ and its tour. The presentation of the album is scheduled for November 25th, 2004 at Casa de América in Madrid.


Montse Cortés

The single ‘Hiere’ provides an idea of the contents of ‘La rosa blanca’, the new album by Montse Cortés. Like two other songs on the record -‘...Y si no es verdad?’ and ‘La rosa blanca’-, tangos performed by one of the top female voices on today's flamenco scene. Within her party style, she also cultivates bulerías -‘Las alfareras’, ‘Un ole a tiempo’ and ‘Nostalgia añadía’- and rumbas such as ‘Río de azúcar’, which opens the repertoire. Moreover, as proof of her versatility, she includes a soleá and a chorus.

The record bears the mark of producer Javier Limón, who has taken part in the past few seasons in the albums ‘Cositas buenas’ by Paco de Lucía and ‘Lágrimas negras’ by Diego el Cigala, among others. At the same time, there is the stamp of the group of musicians who have collaborated, among them, guitarists Tomatito and Niño Josele, violinist Bernardo Parrilla and bass player Alain Pérez.

As the record company affirms in a press release, “Montse Cortés upholds the deep purity of tradition, it runs in her family, while she doesn't lose sight of the times we live in”. She has shown as much in her solo work and as an accompanist for top baile and guitar figures such as Antonio Canales, Sara Baras, Joaquín Cortés, Tomatito, Juan Habichuela... Her latest appearance at the recording studio was to record the tientos ‘El cantaor’ on the collective album ‘Tributo flamenco a don Juan Valderrama’ (‘Flamenco Tribute to Juan Valderrama’), where Diego el Cigala, Miguel Poveda, Vicente Amigo and Paco de Lucía himself also take part, among other renowned figures.



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