Muestra de Flamenco 2013 premieres at the Teatro Central in Seville

The first edition offers 25 shows from September 24th to October 13th, 2013, September 2013
Translation: Joseph Kopec


Seville adds a new event to its jondo calendar. The 1st Muestra de Flamenco is to be presented at the Teatro Central from September 24th to October 13th, 2013. The bill offers 25 baile, cante and toque shows by artists of the genre, recognized and young ones alike. Javier Barón, Milagros Mengíbar, José Galván with Pastora Galván, Andrés Peña with Pilar Ogalla, Juan Andrés Maya, Ana Morales and Rosario Toledo, among others, feed the baile section. Voices will ring out such as those of La Macanita, La Tobala, Inés Bacán, El Torta and Jesús Méndez. Jerez-born guitarist Juan Diego will perform 'Respira!' with guests like Remedios Amaya. And at the Sala B, there will be more experimental proposals such as 'Una experiencia plástica del flamenco' which unites live cante and painting.

Úrsula López, 'La otra piel' (Photo Daniel M. Pantiga)

Javier Barón opens the 1st Muestra de Flamenco with the show 'Barón y la música' on Tuesday, September 24th. Next, there are two nights of female cante: La Tobala with 'Entre enaguas' and La Macanita. The first weekend will be opened by Granada-born bailaor Juan Andrés Maya with 'Homenaje' (Friday the 27th). It will continue with 'Dinero, secuencias flamencas por su causa' by Inés Bacán, Paco Taranto, Pedro Barragán and José Luis Ortiz Nuevo. And it will conclude on Sunday with 'Camino' by Ángel Rojas Project.

October kicks off with a week marked by baile. Ana Morales resumes 'Reciclarte' on Tuesday the 1st. Lebanese artist María la Serrana performs the following night with 'Respiro flamenco'. And after appearing at the Bienal and Festival de Jerez, Úrsula López doubles her stakes on 'La otra piel' on the 3rd. The cantaor note is provided by Jesús Méndez on Friday, with the live show of his album 'Añoranza'. Andrés Peña and Cádiz-born Pilar Ogalla stage 'El aire que me lleva' on Saturday. On Sunday Rosario Toledo, José Valencia and Dani de Morón unite theater and flamenco in 'Aleluya erótica', Giraldillo for Best Show at Seville’s latest Bienal de Flamenco.

Dance, cante, guitar and Sala B
The third week begins and ends with guitar and female baile. It is opened by guitarist Daniel Casares with 'Guernica 75' and closed by maestra Milagros Mengíbar with 'Lunares de almidón'. In between, three shows: 'Guajiro' by veteran José Galván with his daughter Pastora as guest artist; 'Respira!' by guitarist Juan Diego with the special collaboration of Remedios Amaya; and 'Entre dos orillas' by Luisa Palicio, El Choro and Alberto Sellés. And on Saturday there is an encounter with cantaor El Torta and flamenco rock group Mixtolobo. In addition to these performances on the main stage, there will be those at the Sala B. They are the shows 'Cirquelectric' by Lucía Ruibal (the 26th), that of guitarist Marcelo Palanco (the 27th), 'Una experiencia plástica del flamenco', with painter Gonzalo Conradi and cantaor Andrés de Jerez (the 28th), 'Ruido blanco' by Estuaria Compañía Flamenca (the 4th), 'Socularna' by José Galván (the 9th) and 'El don del exilio' by Proscritos DF (the 11th).

Teatro Central. Seville (Spain), September 24th to October 13th

September 24th
'Barón y la música'
Javier Barón

September 25th
La Tobala
'Entre enaguas'

September 26th
La Macanita

+ 'Cirquelectric' de Lucía Ruibal (Sala B)

September 27th
Juan Andrés Maya, 'Homenaje'

+ Marcelo Palanco, guitar (Sala B)

September 28th
Inés Bacán, Paco Taranto, Pedro Barragán and José Luis Ortiz Nuevo
'Dinero, secuencias flamencas por su causa'

+ 'Una experiencia plástica del flamenco', with the painter Gonzalo Conradi and the singer Andrés de Jerez (Sala B)

Jesús Méndez (Photo Daniel M. Pantiga)

September 29th
Ángel Rojas Project

October 1st
Ana Morales

October 2nd
María la Serrana
'Respiro flamenco'

October 3rd
Úrsula López
'La otra piel'

+ Adolfo Delgado, piano (Sala B)

October 4th
Jesús Méndez, 'Añoranza'

+ 'Ruido blanco', Estuaria Compañía Flamenca (Sala B)

Pilar Ogalla, 'El aire que me lleva' (Foto Daniel M. Pantiga)

October 5th
Andrés Peña and Pilar Ogalla
'El aire que me lleva'

October 6th
'Aleluya erótica'
Rosario Toledo, José Valencia and Dani de Morón

October 8th
Daniel Casares
'Guernica 75'

October 9th
José Galván and Pastora Galván (guest artist)

+ José Galán, 'Socularna' (Sala B)

October 10th
Juan Diego, Sandra Bonilla and Remedios Amaya (guest artist)

October 11th
Luisa Palicio, El Choro and Alberto Sellés
'Entre dos orillas'

+ Proscritos DF, 'El don del exilio' (Sala B)

October 12th
El Torta and Mixtolobo

October 13th
'Lunares de almidón'
Milagros Mengíbar

Highslide JS
Andrés Peña, 'El aire que me lleva' (Photo Daniel M. Pantiga)


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