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Niña Pastori launches her
fourth album 'María'

Moraíto, Diego de Morao, Farruquito, Tino di Geraldo and Bernardo Parrilla have all contributed to the record which is produced by Chaboli

Niña Pastori is about to launch a new record. The singer from the Isla de San Fernando near Cádiz will release her fourth album, entitled 'María', in March. On the record, which is released by BMG and produced by the versatile musician and composer Chaboli, Niña Pastori contributes not only her voice but also her skills as a songwriter and arranger. The list of those who have contributed to the record also includes the percussionist Tino di Geraldo, the Jerez guitarist Moraíto, the violinist Bernardo Parrilla and the dancer Farruquito who, as well as adding the sound of his dancing, also contributes words and music for the track 'Dulce Canela'.

Niña Pastori returns to action with'María'. After 'Entre dos puertos' (BMG, 1996), 'Eres luz' (BMG, 1998) and 'Cañaílla' (Ariola, 2000), María Rosa García presents her fourth album which bears not only her own personal imprint as a singer, but also her skills as a writer and arranger. In both these tasks she has worked hand-in-hand with Chaboli, who has contributed to the album as a producer, songwriter, arranger and percussionist.

Niña Pastori

Alongside them numerous other people have added their personal skills to the recording. Manuel Ruiz, Queco, has written one of the best tracks on the album: 'Amor de San Juan'. The guitarist, writer and producer, who has worked frequently with other flamenco artists such as Vicente Amigo, "was aiming to show an important change in the artistic personality of Niña Pastori", according to sources at the company.

Niña Pastori, whose last album sold nearly 200,000 copies, has surrounded herself with talented musicians such as the percussionist Tino di Geraldo, who brings the sound of the drums to songs like 'Dime quién soy yo', 'Tú dime' and 'El color del agua'. Guitarist Moraíto accompanies the singer on 'Dulce Canela', along with Diego de Morao, who also plays on 'El molino'.

One of the most intteresting contributions to the album is that of the Sevillian dancer Farruquito on 'Dulce canela' where, as well as the sound of his dancing, he also contributes as a writer together with Antonio Humanes and Gori Carmona. The violinist Bernardo Parrilla, who forms part of Tomatito´s sextet, also adds his touch; as do pianist and keyboard player José María Cortina; guitarists Josemi Carmona, Machuca, and José Carlos Gómez; the flautist Valentín Álvarez and the percussionist Luis Dulzaides. The album was recorded last year in the Filigrana studios in Córdoba and at Sintonía in Madrid.


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