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‘Tú ven a mí’, the cantaora's first album, goes on sale on 10th March, February 2005

Paco de Lucía's ‘Cositas buenas’ was her launchpad. And hot on the heels of this privileged collaboration, La Tana releases her début solo album: ‘Tú ven a mí’. The album is produced by the legendary guitarist from Algeciras, and is the first recording he's directed for another artist since Camarón de la Isla's ‘Potro de rabia y miel’. In this recording project, the cantaora from Seville performs a repertoire brimming with upbeat 'festero' styles such as bulerías, tangos and rumbas, but which also makes room for the more sparse, solemn flamenco palos like seguiriyas and soleá. Diego de Morao on guitar, Carles Benavent and Alain Pérez on bass, percussionist Piraña on cajón and Caramelo de Cuba on piano are among the musicians featured on this album, which is released on 10th March 2005.

La Tana

Even though she sang for flamenco dance companies as reputable as that of Compañía Joaquín Cortés, it wasn't until she came across Paco de Lucía that her talent as a singer was truly noted. After hearing her in a bar in Seville, he signed her up to provide vocals on some of the tracks on his latest album ‘Cositas buenas’, both in the studio and live on stage. And now he's produced her album ‘Tú ven a mí’ (Come to me), her first solo project.

The album leans toward extroverted 'festero' flavors. It contains two rumbas: ‘Tú, ven a mí’ and ‘La causa de todos mis males’ (The cause of all my ills); three bulerías: ‘Por olvidar’ (To forget), ‘Enamórame’ (Make me fall in love) and ‘Pasan los días’ (Days pass); and the tangos ‘Asomada a mi balcón’ (Leaning on my balcony) and ‘La bombonera’ (The sweet-tin). In addition, there are two serene cantes: the seguiriya ‘Tus consejos’ (Your advice) and the soleá ‘Cuando paso por tu puerta’ (When I pass by your door).

The guitarist who accompanies her on these nine tracks is Jerez-born Diego de Morao, who over the last year has provided the same service for José Mercé, Niña Pastori and Montse Cortés. The son of Moraíto Chico confessed in a recent interview with that working side-by-side with Paco de Lucía was a tremendous experience. “I never got used to seeing him, even though I'd spend the whole day in the studio with him. With just a look he pierces right through you. That's the gaze of a genius. The experience was unforgettable. We shared music, we came up with things between the two of us. Every day he taught me something new. Just being with him you learn as a person and as a musician. It was an experience that changed my life.”

Andalusian tour

‘Tú ven a mí’ will be on the shelves from 10th March 2005, the date of the launch party in Madrid. After that, La Tana - daughter of cantaora Herminia Borja - plans a tour of four major Andalusian cities. On 3rd March she'll play Malaga (Martín Carpena stadium), on 4th March she'll be in Granada (Municipal stadium), on 5th March in Seville (Palenque) and on 11th March in Cordoba (Vistalegre stadium).


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