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Manolo Sanlúcar
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  Manolo Sanlúcar, ‘Tauromagia’

José Manuel Gamboa, 2001

Year 2001, Curro Romero, the bullfighter, has just retired. We would like to honor him by remembering this unsurpassable creation by Manolo Sanlúcar, inspired by the planet of Taurus. ‘Oración’, the peak moment in the sonata by Manolo gives way to a never-ending tremolo; this is dedicated to Romero. ‘Tauromagia’ is the most outstanding conceptual work that Flamenco has given us. Sanlúcar’s perfectly flamenco work gets more beautiful with each progression, and with so many elements there is not one note that is unnecessary.

Rondeña, soleabulería, tangos, bulerías, jaleos and alegrías serve as formal support to the wise and sensible dialogue of Sanlúcar. Outstanding collaborators on the album include Isidro Muñoz and an almost adolescent Vicente Amigo; José Mercé and the late Indio Gitano sing next to Macanita, who made her grand debut on this album; Diego Carrasco acts as the sound guru, introducing the then unknown Tino Di Geraldo, who validated his ability to play Flamenco. The album was born in 1988 and will never die.

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Manolo Sanlúcar


“Tauromagia is the most outstanding conceptual work that Flamenco has given us”

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